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Gear for guys
I like posting stuff that my brothers, my pals, and you guys out there can appreciate...so you all don't have to waste too much time shopping around for the gear you need.

I'm talking about the useful kinds of items that'll help you get along in life a little more smoothly, clothes to wear of a rugged nature (and also with style), things to fill up the space in your den/office/workshop, and a lineup of goods you'll want for no reason other than their built-in awesomeness.

Duds & Accessories Everyday Carry Gear

Gifts for your gal
In building this site though, I also wanted to create a place where I could help guys tackle a chore that I was terrible at for decades...finding good gifts for the gals in my life. I always dreaded this task because I never knew what to buy.

Every time a holiday or special occasion would roll around, I'd once again find myself spending way too much time combing through the stores in search of a gift, having no clue what I was doing in the process...and often ending up with something less than impressive. So I set out to fix this.

The army of gals
I spent a couple years consulting with my gal and her pals (our "army of gals" who continues to approve everything gift-related here) about everything that makes for a good gift, and they were more than happy to parse it all out for me.

They gave me the full run down on what to look for in a gift, what types of gifts are best for different occasions, the wrapping and presentation, the card, and a thousand other details that I couldn't have come up with on my own. And then something happened.

Gift tactics and advice
After learning the ins and outs of the gift game from these gals, I began finding shortcuts guys could take. I started to understand the reasons behind why gals like particular aspects of certain gifts.

I discoved that there were ways to improve on what these gals were telling me. I realized that a list of "approved gifts for gals" to buy from is a good resource, but that I also needed to compile everything I had learned in one place for other guys to access...so I wrote these lessons out in the form of gift tactics and advice which you'll find in the menu above and spread throughout the site.

We stand for the USA.
We live and work in California and support our fellow businesses across the USA, as well as a select few from friendly nations...and we tell you where each business is based so you'll always know where you're buying from.

If you're interested in directly supporting our military members and their families, consider some of our favorite charities below.

Last thought
I hope you all get something out of what we've built here, and that you'll come back regularly to see what we've got planned for you in the future.

James and Richard (my brothers)
and our army of gals

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